Tuning – Hanging Thread

Yeah, hardcore is still alive. And still furious. I know sometimes I ted to be a little uncomfortable and suspicious with punk rock in general, not only because heavy metallers and punks have been oppositors, but also because punk musically speaking turned out into a fashion and then vanished away. Hardcore, on the other hand, has my respect because it is a rebellion into the rebellion. Hardcore has stand out against these frequent fashions punk has been into maintaining its rebel aura intact – well, as long as it is possible.

Tuning with “Hanging Thread” plays what is called melodic hardcore, or a hardcore with some dashes of melody especially in the vocals and adding some more melodic guitars by using phrases and licks – as Metal bands do. is full of punk warcries, those vocals that conclaims you to the battle against the system. Tuning are a band where there is more hardcore than melodic, and that’s what really matters as long as for punkers and heavy metallers aggression is the most important thing. There are tracks as “Richard Harris” that have strong doses o Metal features, and that particularly leave it more palatable to metallers ears. In general, “Hanging Thread” has high doses of punk adrenaline which from where I’m standing is what makes it a good album. Fashions and trends are left away from “Hanging Thread,” again a healthy choice.

“Hanging Thread” is an album that may please metallers and hardcore punkers. To some it may sound outdated, however this is a term that absolutely doesn’t apply to heavy and extreme music. It applies only for the music that is market oriented, the ones which are not age in peace.

Tuning “Hanging Thread” was released on March 29th via Swell Creek Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Kara Thrace
  2. Hanging Thread
  3. Hospice Care
  4. Murphy It’s You
  5. Man of Science Man of Faith
  6. Hawkeye Pierce
  7. The Human Condition
  8. Richard Harris
  9. Farewell, Big Brother

Watch “Hanging Thread” official video here: