WOODSTOCK 50 Sues Former Financial Backers For Taking Over $17 Million From Festival’s Bank Account


The organizers of Woodstock 50 are suing their former financial partner, claiming the company had no right to announce the festival was canceled and accusing it of taking more than $17 million from a festival bank account, The Blast reports.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Woodstock 50 claims their investor, Dentsu Inc., caused “enormous and irreparable harm” through their “outrageous and illegal misconduct.”

“In a series of precipitous, underhanded and unauthorized actions,  Dentsu purported to seize control of and oust W50 from the Festival’s production, and then immediately announced through press releases to the world on April 29 that it was unilaterally cancelling the Festival,” Woodstock 50 writes in the lawsuit.

Woodstock 50 is asking that Dentsu be forced into arbitration and, in the meantime, be ordered to stop badmouthing the festival and return the $17.8 million from the festival’s bank account.

As reportedDentsu released a statement via Billboard in which they say that the festival has been cancelled, but the organizers insisted that the festival is still going according to plan.