Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

11053428_10152812895442496_7533109279558455885_n Just looking at the track listing for “Crypt of the Devil” made me realize that this is the most brutally raw thing to come from a well known death metal band since Cannibal Corpse’s last album. While I honestly cannot say that I fell in love with Six Feet Under’s latest helping, I will say that it was certainly impressive to say in the least because for the first time this year we truly have a death metal album that left no stone unturned and ventured into the most brutal of topics. I think the cover art and album name shows enough proof of that just fine. The only thing that I couldn’t find in “Crypt of the Devil” was that there wasn’t any track that I could really jam to and head bang along with, ya know? I know some people will disagree, but I’m not saying that this is bad album because of that because it’s far from bad. The vocals were intensely vicious and didn’t give you a moments calm along with the guitars and drums that were awesomely ferocious in such a way that gave the entire album that true death metal feel where the “death” can be heard in every moment of “Crypt of the Devil”. Can’t say that this album was something that I could listen to over and over, but I know that plenty of you out there will just eat this up and will love every moment of it as fans of Six Feet Under have been since it’s release. Definitely an album to check out if you want some new intense and ruthless death metal.

You can stream “Crypt of the Devil” on Spotify here, and then purchase the album via iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. Gruesome
  2. Open Coffin Orgy
  3. Broken Bottle Rape
  4. Break the Cross in Half
  5. Lost Remains
  6. Slit Wrists
  7. Stab
  8. The Night Bleeds
  9. Compulsion to Brutalize
  10. Eternal in Darkess