Six Foot Six – End of All Review

Sometimes I confuse band names and albums. It’s natural due to the great amount of bands and albums I’ve been running into for all those years of my Metal métier. When I saw Six Foot Six I emmediately thought of Six Feet Under. Alright, not so near one may say, but near enough to me to make me make a great mess inside my head. In fact, both bands are very different from each other when it comes to musical intent. Six Foot Six are an Epic Power Metal band and “End of All” reflects totally this musical path. I have a great deal of empathy with what I heard here. This kind of music pleases me a lot, and I confess this right away from the start. As I said before, I can only review an album when I make some kind of connection with it and this, of course, was the case.

The title “End of All” means a lot into the Metal world and music. Let’s say that the end of the world as we see it – or the end of it phisically – is a very dear subject to all facets of Metal music. It’s true that for many fans, especially to the ones devoted to the darkest, fastest and  heaviest forms of Metal music, this album may be a little deceptive because the music in here is in no way near the most extreme sides of Metal. A good comparison, to the ones who know it, it’s the same relation the mighty 1980s band Demon, a name that lead to the most cruel forms of Metal, but is, in fact, a Hard’n’Heavy band – well, from where I’m standing, a great one. “Welcome to Your Nightmare” enlightens this discussion and leaves no room for doubt. Six Foot Six are a Power Metal band for the best and for the worst. Then comes the title track “End of All” which is even more epic and melodic than the first track. As all opening tracks, “End of All” is an invitation card to the album. Therefore, it’s also a sample of what it is to come and shows the trade mark of the band; the vocal efforts. Throughout the album it’s possible to listen to great vocal acts and all sorts of well-planned choruses with singalong tunes. See “In God We Trust,” for instance, and its power chorus followed by bursting guitars. I dare the fan not to singalong…

And the album went on. Six Foot Six are a band that really know how to build up melodic structures that last in the mind of the fan with guitars that follow the same vibe and complete the feeling. I like that very much.

Six Foot Six “End of All” will be released on December 11th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome to Your Nightmare
  2. End of All
  3. In God We Trust
  4. In the Eyes of the World
  5. Blood Will out
  6. Last Days of Our Lives
  7. Finale Vittoria
  8. Abudcted
  9. I Am Your King
  10. Edge of the World
  11. Oblivion
  12. Break the Wheel

Watch “Welcome to Your Nightmare” official video here: