ŠKAN And “Death Crown” Are Coming This April 13th

Rejecting all conventions, norms, and constraints, Texas-born, multinational extreme metal band ŠKAN forges an uncompromising path through the primordial forces of nature, and the transformations of death and illumination.
The name “Škan” comes from Lakota Sioux language, where it refers to the spirit of the sky, and the elements that catalyze the continual flow of the universe. Škan can enter the body, too,
where it can set forth new beginnings and change. Through this essence and other spiritual and personal philosophies, the band consciously taps into the unknown, experiencing whatever may
unfold—and even transcend through the process. That mentality, and their will to completely shatter all limits, illusions, and preconceived notions of metal genres, has in turn, ignited its singular musical force.

“Everything is in constant motion,” says founding member Joseph Merino. “Current knowledge of science also concludes what has been known by ancient cultures for ages. It impacts reality through vibration. The music comes from experiencing a vision through various ways.”
As ŠKAN has increasingly articulated its vision through its gripping, esoteric music, and exhilarating, ritualistic performances, the world has taken note. The release of its debut EP, “The Old King,” in November, 2013 brought international acclaim and a growing following of adventurous listeners, as well as live dates heavy music icons including Danzig and Voivod and like-minded, boundary-smashing artists such as Cult of Fire, Portal, Saturnalia Temple, and more.
In 2015, Merino and drummer David Baxter were joined by guitarist Ron van Herpen (Astrosoniq / The Devil’s Blood) and bassist Rob Zim (The Lords of Altamont). Soon after, the first two EPs of a limited-edition four-EP series was released by Ván Records. EP’s Part One and Two were recorded prior to the arrival of van Herpen and Zim. Part Three and Four are to be released at a later date, showcasing the innate musical chemistry in the process. Merino credits the rhythms of the universe for drawing them together, “I did not create this version of the group”, Merino says, ” ŠKAN becomes as is, on it’s own. In regards to recording, it is more or less getting out
the way of one’s self and letting the music do what it needs to do. Those who are involved with the musical expression are doing so by what the music is revealing; all involved, simply doing what is best for the music”.
This spring, ŠKAN will reveal its darkest, and most impressive work yet; a full-length debut album, “Death Crown,” to be released on Ván Records. “The recording is the sum of receiving this vision from a place of nothingness, and projecting it into tangible form that others may receive,” Merino says. He describes its first single, “Death Wish,” as “a very personal and powerful song,” and with its challenging, haunting sounds and themes of transformation through various planes of existence it seems that anyone who listens with an open mind could find themselves as enveloped within the perpetual motion of the universe as its creators.

Track Listing:
1. Initium (1:54)
2. Death Wish (3:44)
3. A Mort (2:32)
4. The Womb (6:03)
5. Au Dela (2:16)
6. Iron & Blood (6:09)
7. Father Qayin (9:43)
8. For The Love Of Death (11:28)

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