Skid Row – The Atlantic Years Review

Here we have one more interesting pack of The Atlantic Years. First we had Overkill with this cool pack and now we have Skid Row, a band that is far from controvertial, isn’t it? hahahahahahahahaha Did you get my irony? Well, for starters, I have to say that I know Skid Row much than Overkill. Me and the band have a history and I Kind of folowed their first two records that are in this pack. I still have both on CD and vinyl. However, to tell you the truth, I stopped following the band when all the scandals and buzz and fuzz started.

Skid Row attracted me because it was different from the other Glam Metal bands or Hard Rock bands or Hard’n’Heavy or Hair Metal band, the one it fits best to my dear fan. They were harder. They were fine musicians. They had an aura of the real thing if you know what I mean. The band had that atittude that lacks in many Metal bands today. And, Sebastian Bach had a wonderful voice. Yeah, I said it. He had a nice versatile voice that fit perfectly with Skid Row’s music. I know Sebastian was a pain in the buttocks. He was’nt the most kind and gentle man in this entire sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. He drank a lot and that was one of the many reasons the band couldn’t stand him. But, damn, the man had a wonderful hair! The kind you and your girlfriend envied a lot, but a lot.

Ok, then. It’s fair to say for the band’s sake that debut album “Skid Row” and its following “Slave to the Grind” are full of instant classics with songs that MTV and, then, VH1 worn out. After all those years passed by and I guess Skid Row’s music talked louder than all the other things that ruined their career years ago. From where I’m standing “Slave to the Grind” is a wonderful album and that’s it. I don’t care what people say about the band. I care about the music and the music was fantastic. Their music saved me from many and many hours of therapy. Well, to be fair, Metal music saved me. And still does.

The pack is of five albums. Out of the ones I’ve told before I didn’t even know “Subhuman Race” or “Subhuman Beings on Tour” existed. I won’t lie to you that I heard them all to write this review. It’s obvious that I heard, and had a huge pleasure with “Skid Row” “Slave to the Grind.” I don’t even have the curiosity to listen to them but I encourage you to. I had all my share listening to the albums I told you before. See the grim in my face?

P.S.: I know is yet to be proven, but Skid Row kind invented or at least invented the term ‘power ballad.’

Skid Row “The Atlantic Years” will be released on December 03rd via BMG Records.

Watch “18 and Life” official music video here: