SKRAECKOEDLAN Announce Ten Year Anniversary Vinyl Box

As SKRAECKOEDLAN‘s debut album Äppelträdet turns 10, the band is launching an anniversary vinyl box. The box is telling the story of how Äppelträdet grew from early demo recordings to the 2011 album – and now into something new. The box includes a completely new, 10th-anniversary edition of Äppelträdet. On this edition, the three English tracks featured on the original 2011 album have been completely re-recorded from scratch with Swedish lyrics. The 10th anniversary edition of the album has been remastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). You can stream the whole album here.

A decade has passed since SKRAECKOEDLAN released their debut album Äppelträdet, an album that reignited and marked the start of the modern Swedish stoner rock scene. Originally recorded in 2010, in Truckfighters’ Studio Bombshelter, Äppelträdet has grown to become a modern classic in the genre, with the album title-track, as well as the mighty colossus ”Cactus”, being some of the band’s most widely recognized creations until this day.

Äppelträdet, translated into ”The Apple Tree”, was originally released with three English tracks; “Universe”, Soluppgång”, and “Doedaroedlan”. Robert Lamu, vocalist, and guitarist in SKRAECKOEDLAN, comments:

“We thought that we might limit ourselves as a band if we only had songs in Swedish. We cowardly wrote three songs with English lyrics, because we simply did not know if it would work to play heavy, groovy rock in Swedish and still be able to get out and play around the world, something we all had as a childhood dream. It has turned out that the Swedish songs have absolutely worked even outside of Sweden. Due to our cowardly decision, we have almost never played any of these three English songs live. We want to change that.”

Celebrating their ten-year anniversary, SKRAECKOEDLAN is re-releasing their debut album Äppelträdet. This time with all 10 tracks recorded in Swedish lyrics. The English tracks have been completely re-recorded from scratch with Swedish vocals, making them more fierce and distinctive sounding than ever. All tracks have been re-mastered by Cult of Luna-drummer Magnus Lindberg who’s added a new dimension to SKRAECKOEDLAN’s unique, massive sound.