SKULL PIT (Feat. Members Of EXUMER, CHURCH OF MISERY) Releases Third Single ‘Blood Titan’

Skull Pit

On November 16th Metal Blade Records will finally release ‘Skull Pit‘, the debut album by American/Japanese collaboration SKULL PIT!

SKULL PIT is a tale of two musicians from opposite sides of the heavy metal spectrum and the planet. Tatsu, hailing from Tokyo/Japan, bassist and mastermind behind the internationally acclaimed Doom outfit CHURCH OF MISERY. And Mem, from New York/USA, singer and frontman of German Thrash pioneers EXUMER!

For another preview of “Skull Pit”, check out the final single before album release, “Blood Titan”, below.

Comments SKULL PIT vocalist Mem: “BLOOD TITAN is a straight up stomper with a very recognizable chorus that could’ve been on Motörhead’s “Bomber” album or any late 70s/early 80s NWOBHM record for that manner. We were very happy with the guitar tones on this song as they appear to conjure up the spirit of the late Fast Eddie Clarke.

The two veterans endeavored to combine their favorite elements of bands like Motorhead along with the countless outfits of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal into one blistering and highly energetic nine-track album.

The songs on SKULL PIT‘s debut are a clear departure from what Exumer or Church Of Misery usually sounds like. Stepping away from Exumer‘s lighting fast rhythms and Church of Misery‘s slowed down Iommi inspired riffs, SKULL PIT creates melodies in the vein of 70s hard rock and 80s NWOBHM with Lemmy‘s punk attitude.

Mixed in Tokyo by O-mi Kihara, ‘Skull Pit‘ was recorded in New York and Japan during Exumer‘s and Church of Misery‘s time off from playing live around the globe. The result is a free flowin album that switches effortlessly between genres and boundaries but always with the intent to deliver a razor sharp riff or a memorable hook.

SKULL PIT didn’t shy away from further expanding their all-inclusive attitude when it came to choose and record a cover song as a bonus track; Rose Tattoo’s “All the Lessons”. The song features Brian “Mitts” Daniels (ex Madball), who produced Mem’s vocal tracks in New York.

Skull Pit track listing:

01. Double Cross
02. Roller
03. Fire Breather
04. Year Of The Dog
05. Soul Raiders
06. Blood Titan
07. Marauders
08. The Line
09. Wolf Spirit
10. All The Lessons (Bonus Track)

Skull Pit