Skulltimate Gear Introduces Exclusive Skull Jewelry Collection


Skulltimate Gear, a premier online jewelry and apparel company located in Cleveland, Ohio is pleased to announce an exciting line of exclusive skull jewelry. The new exclusive creations are a further extension of their existing online skull ring offerings. Company officials went on to explain that these designs represent the first Skulltimate brand skull rings, necklaces and pendants.

Ted Moss, Co-Owner of Skulltimate Gear is on record stating “our recent partnerships with talented designers, have resulted in a truly one of a kind product line. The first rings of which, have been placed in our ‘Freedom’ collection. This line offers our clients a chance to purchase exclusive brand skull jewelry with any number of customizations including metal, setting type and gemstone”.

Acknowledging that many people have a deep and personal vested relationship in the jewelry they choose to wear, collect and pair to their personality, Skulltimate Gear aimed to both, keep true to their mission (freedom from boring) and offer quality products that individuals are proud to own and wear.

These designs are an answer to the large number of requests received for customizable options. Ted Moss continues “We heard the great ideas and listened to the helpful feedback from our existing buyers. Their valuable suggestions have resulted in Skulltimate Gear offering GIA certified gemstones, unique designs, precious metals and lifetime warranties. This special retail line will continue to grow as we release new skull jewelry designs every month.”

The remarkable designs are only part of the latest announcement. Skulltimate Gear has now opened the doors to all organizations seeking any custom jewelry designs for clubs, teams, schools, award ceremonies or institutional commemorations. With the new production capabilities comes an increased production capacity. The increased production capacity makes way for large group orders of completely customized pieces at affordable prices.

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