Skyrider – Vol. 2

Today is the day of the EPs. Here we got one more and one more showing the power and the glory of 1980s American Power Metal with a strong flavor of Iced Earth with the sharp guitar duo embellished by a well-tuned and neat voice. “Vol. 2” – what a lazy name for an album. Come on guys! – is flawless from head to toe. Skyrider learned pretty well the lesson and present the fan with a very tight album. When I say  the band has influences of Iced Earth I don’t mean they are copycats. My intenttion is to make the fan get a hold of what he’s going to listen when he gets the album.

The fact is that I got very impressed with Luke Mils vocals. Also the resemblance with Iced Earth’s Matt Barlow is impressive. It gets more impressive if you compare it to “The Dark Saga” era. All five tracks follow the same main idea or the main drive. For that I consider “Vol. 2” a monolithic album, though it’s no demerit to the band whatsoever. From where I’m standing it shows the character of the band which sticks to an idea. Come on guys, every band has a formula. Even the great ones.

Opening track “Virtual Humanity” kicks off with a nice strumming with a melodic guitar solo. The fan may, however, think it’s a technical something album, but soon the song strikes with a very known guitar riff introducing Skyrider to the world. Guitar duo does an amzing job here with twin solos and phrases. Well, guitar duo is highlight of “Vol. 2” with its melodic and well put interventions. Pay attention to the bridge that leads to guitar solo. It’s remarkable. This song is a real powerhouse of guitar riffing and phrases. The duo really got creative here. Following track “Dead City” goes a bit apart from the general mood of the album though the title. The uptempo instrumentals turn the album on giving it a more exciting drive. “Midnight Ryder” shows the fan the best Luke Mils’s performance. The man lets his voice free and teaches a lesson. Guitars are again a highlight during the bridge to the solo. It seems that Skyrider love to speed up during the solos.

Okay, here is an album to the fan that appreciates a band with neat vocals and tight guitars. Short, but good.

Skyrider “Vol. 2” will be released on March 27th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Virtual Humanity
  2. Dead City
  3. Midnight Ryder
  4. Mistress of Darkness
  5. Take the Night

Watch “Midnight Ryder” official music video here: