SLASH Confesses To Have Been Unloyal

What a character this Slash dude! Or true. Or flesh is weak. You choose.

Gibson has sponsored the man for a very, but very long time and for years has used and praised Gibson’s Les Paul. Now, in an interview to  Jonesy’s Jukebox, he confesses that he has a crush for Fender’s Strats as well. Nah, you can’t serve two masters. It’s like Coke or Pepsi. One or another. Hey, I love them both!

Take a look at what he said:

“I have a bunch of cool Teles and some cool Strats. All things considered, I’m a Les Paul guy. But, I love good-sounding guitars.”

“As far as I’m concerned, and Gibson probably wouldn’t want me to say it, the Strat is – hands down – one of the best, most versatile guitars there is.”

“But I’ve always gravitated to a Les Paul. And there’s Strat guys and there’s Les Paul guys…”