SLASH Talks Possible Collaboration With MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE

Dave Mustaine and Slash

In a new interview with LoudwireGUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash was asked if there’s a possibility of MEGADETH‘s Dave Mustaine being featured as a guest on Slash‘s song in a future.

He replied: “I haven’t ever talked to him about it. He’s pretty prolific in doing his MEGADETH records the way that he does them. I don’t see myself guesting on a MEGADETH song. I don’t think it would work in the context of what MEGADETH does, but maybe Dave on one of my things — I don’t know.”

“It was so cool,” he beamed, reflecting on the riffs they conjured up together. “I really love Mustaine‘s whole riffing style; I really love where he’s coming from. So when we were hanging out together, granted it was heavily under the influence, it was a blast,” he added. “We sort of got our shit together and went back to our respective bands, but we’ve jammed a couple times. I played with him recently at a concert where myself and I think Zakk [Wylde] and a couple other guys got up and we jammed on something and it was pretty cool.”