Slaves of Evil – Madness of Silence

10347157_361516420679999_4202606191348035801_n  There is death metal and then there is brutal death metal, and yet some bands manage to stand in between the two like Slaves of Evil and their latest album “Madness of Silence”.

This album is a face melting piece of work that has everything essential for a good death metal album: guttural vocals, insane guitars and drums, a feel of raw rage that cannot be matched, and rhythm that sometimes sound like it will explode your ear drums and other times will make you head-bang out of control because it sounds so f**king awesome.

“Madness of Silence” is an essential death metal album from an underground band for those you out there who like your metal to come with guns blazing and f**king s**t up everywhere it’s played.

The album cannot be streamed in full anywhere to my knowledge yet, but 2 tracks can be streamed for free on SoundCloud here.


Track Listing:

  1. Death Countenance
  2. The War with God
  3. Hell Dwellers
  4. The Army of the Damned
  5. Die Carrion!
  6. Kill Me
  7. I’m the Witch
  8. Insignificant Truth
  9. The Fallen One
  10. Slaves of Evil