SLAYER Is Giving Away Steel/Copper ‘HELL-P’ Record Which Requires To Be Set On Fire Before Playing

Slayer Fire Vinyl

SLAYER have launched a limited edition 6.66″ engraved ‘HELL-P’ single featuring a live rendition of their track “Repentless” from their “Slayer: The Repentless Killogy” live/documentary release.

Six copies have been made and are currently up for grabs via a contest.

Forged from stainless steel and copper to survive even the eternal fires of hell.

With it, you won’t have to miss SLAYER even in the abyss, but there is only one way to play the Hell-P. And yeah, you must set it on fire.

Check out the giveaway at this location.

SLAYER performed the final show of its farewell tour on November 30 at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.

SLAYER‘s longtime manager Rick Sales spoke about the band’s decision to embark on its farewell tour in a new interview with

“The band has always had a lot of integrity,” he said, adding that “there are a couple things that go on. I totally get that they made a decision to stop touring. That doesn’t mean the end of the band. It’s just the end of touring. I always thought of it as, ‘You go out on top.’ They made that decision. They’re not milking it. From that standpoint, I get it and they made the right choice.”

Kristen Mulderig, who works with SLAYER‘s management company, Rick Sales Entertainment Group, says there will still be more stuff from the band in the future.

“We’re in legacy mode. which is a lot to do, even though they won’t be making records or on the road. They still have their endorsers, there’s still merch and branding to do — sync licenses and who knows? Maybe coming up with some sort of event that is SLAYER-based. This is all stuff we’re thinking about and talking about. SLAYER lives on, absolutely.”