SLAYER: JEFF HANNEMAN’s Playing Will Not Be Featured On New Album Says KERRY KING


SLAYER‘s Kerry King has dismissed as “bulls**t” a recent report that claimed the band’s late guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, was “physically present on one unnamed track” on SLAYER‘s forthcoming eleventh album.

In an interview with Revolver magazine, SLAYER bassist/vocalist Tom Araya stated about the progress of the recording sessions: “The whole process of this album started three years ago, when Jeff was still a part of it. There is one track on there that we recorded with him, that he did play on, which was completely done except we hadn’t finalized the vocals for it. So we were fortunate to have something that he had participated in.”

But in a brand new chat with Loudwire conducted on Monday (April 6), Kerry shot down the claim that Jeff‘s playing can be heard on SLAYER‘s new CD. He said (see video below): “Jeff Hanneman isn’t physically playing on this record. Somebody reported some bulls**t. People say s**t when they don’t know what’s actually going on. Even though Jeff‘s song, ‘Piano Wire’, which was recorded the last album cycle, I played all the guitar. I’ve been doing that for years. Since he has no lead on that song, he’s not on it.”

SLAYER‘s new album was recorded over a four-month period at Hollywood, California’s Henson Studios with producer Terry Date, who has previously worked with PANTERA, SOUNDGARDEN and KORN, among others. The CD will be released on Nuclear Blast through the band’s own label imprint, closing out a 28-year relationship with Rick Rubin and American Recordings. It will also be SLAYER‘s first album without Hanneman, who passed away in May 2013 from alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver.