SLAYER’s KERRY KING Is ‘Still Putting Out Product That Looks And Sounds Great’


In a recent interview with Las Vegas Magazine, SLAYER axeman was asked if the band could survived something like the death of Jeff Hanneman‘s ten or twenty years ago. He responded: “It’s hard to say. This situation that we’re in right now, everything just fell into place. In the face of tragedy, we just moved forward and it happened to work. I’m sure there are scenarios that could have come up where it didn’t work. We powered through it, and we’re a strong band now because of it. Playing live … it’s tight, it sounds good. That’s my biggest concern—we’re super tight. Like I said earlier, to have my booking agent say it’s one of the best shows he’s ever seen, that says I’m doing something right. We have a really killer set as you must have seen, and I’m stoked to come play it for you guys (laughs).”

He also talked about how is the feel playing music live after passing half-century mark: “The funny thing for me, I think a 50-year old when I was 20 is far different than a 50-year-old today. And it’s not just because I’m 50. I think the times are very different. I can reflect on my parents because I was close to that. The lifestyle was so much more sedentary. There was watching TV and going to work, that was about it. I’m 50 now and I’m a far shot from the way my dad was when he was 50. Not only the perception is different, but I think lifestyle in general changes, and I think a 50-year-old is far more fit than they were 30 years ago. If you asked me when I was 20 if I’d still be playing when I was 50 I’d say absolutely not, but now here I am doing it at 51 and I feel great so far. I’m still putting out a product that looks and sounds great. Will I be playing when I’m 60? I don’t know. Can’t guarantee you (laughs). I don’t know.”

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