Sleazy Way Out – Here Comes Trouble

A cover with the draw of two hot girls, a vocalist that reminds a lot Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil, an flawless instrumental, the party mood, a dubious band name, an insinuating CD title, lots of heavy blues features, and much more. What could go wrong with an album like that? From where I’m sitting nothing. Absolutely, nothing.

Sleazy Way Out combine NWOBHM instrumentals with some more jumpy features and the vocals of Hard Rock bands from the 1980s. The outcome is pure energy.  “Here Comes Trouble” gathers all this and a little more. An album to celebrate life and the will to party. Everything starts with the NWOBHM riffed “Not Gonna be There” whose powerhouse makes the fan desires to neckbreak at large. The taste of Saxon is big in it, only the Vince Neilish vocals that differs. The same energy and will to power, the same heavyness and killer features. Heavy and hot as hell. Some tracks have a Sex Pistols taste as well as “Goin’ Down.” Others taste like AC/DC and Krokus as “Bitchin Honey” and “Here Comes the Night” and their chordly and rock’n’roll riffing. Bottomline, only bands known by their energy and collapsing will to power and catchy choruses. Feel the power of “Satisfaction” – ah, not the famous one from The Rolling Stones.

It would be so easy to call them posers or other diminishing adjective, but the point is that today this kind of music are not for the masses anymore. This kind of music isn’t attractive to the commoners. They’re interested in other kind of music. And there is also all the biases against this kind of music and all. So, to adhere to it is an act of courage, if you ask me. It’s not easy to stand out these days and Sleazy Way Out and “Here Comes Trouble” by all means try to do it doing the music they like. Some guys just wnating to have some fun. There’s no problem with that. Have a great time.

Sleazy Way Out “Here Comes Trouble” was released on February 04th via Sliptrick Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Not Gonna Be There
  2. Trouble
  3. Goin’ Down
  4. Bitchin Honey
  5. Raise ‘Em Up
  6. Here Comes the Night
  7. Hell Or High Water
  8. Satisfaction
  9. The Perfect Crime
  10. Take It Off
  11. You Got Me Runnin
  12. Waste of Time

Watch “Not Gonna Be There” official music video here: