SLEEP TOKEN Announces New Album, ‘Take Me Back To Eden’

Sleep Token

Through the initial months of 2023, Sleep Token, the mysterious metal masked collective, have been delighting fans with a selection of new songs, and now they have made public that their upcoming studio album, named Take Me Back To Eden, will be released on May 19 via Spinefarm Reocrds. This album is a sequel to the acclaimed This Place Will Become Your Tomb in 2021, and their debut full-length Sundowning in 2019.

Take Me Back To Eden is Part 3 of a trilogy, a spectacular chapter-closer in the ongoing Sleep Token saga,” explains a press release accompanying the announcement. “A saga that kicked off in earnest with debut album, Sundowning.” 

New single “Vore” can be heard below.

Take Me Back To Eden tracklisting:

1. Chokehold 
2. The Summoning 
3. Granite 
4. Aqua Regia 
5. Vore 
6. Ascensionism 
7. Are You Really Okay? 
8. The Apparition 
10. Rain 
11. Take Me Back To Eden 
12. Euclid