SLIPKNOT’s CLOWN On Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘I Don’t Have Time To Be Ill’

Slipknot Clown 2019

SLIPKNOT percussionist and co-founder M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan recently spoke to PENNYWISE guitarist Fletcher Dragge where they discussed COVID-19’s economic impact on society and the inevitable tensions & social unrest it has played a part in globally.

Crahan said: “I won’t watch TV or buy into any of it because they run the loop — they start, they’ll go seven minutes, they’ll speak of what they did to re-invite anyone who just joined.

“What I picked up early was that this affects a lot of people, of course, with compromised immune systems, but a lot of elderly and stuff. Unfortunately, my parents are passed, and I don’t have anyone that way. But my best friend’s mom is alive, all of my best friends’ parents, things like that. Instantly, I was, like, ‘Wow, that’s a really scary thing.'”

“People like us, I don’t have time to get sick,” he continued. “We’re out on the road and stuff… I see someone from 20 yards [away], I’m gone. I don’t have time to be ill. At least in my experience, the worst shows I’ve ever had are the ones where I had to play with a fever, and it wasn’t ’cause I played bad; it’s just because I wanted to put a gun in my mouth and end it.”

SLIPKNOT released their latest album, We Are Not Your Kind, on August 9, 2019 via Roadrunner Records. Album was once again recorded at a Los Angeles studio with producer Greg Fidelman, who engineered and mixed SLIPKNOT‘s 2004 album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) and helmed 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter.