SLIPKNOT Has Just Dropped Surprise 20-Minute EP, ‘Adderall’

Slipknot Death March

SLIPKNOT has just released surprise new EP, Adderall! The EP also contains new instrumental song, “Death March,” which was revealed yesterday.

This announcement comes just after the band’s live performance at the Nova Rock festival in Austria where they introduced a new member to the group.

In addition, SLIPKNOT has also launched a website called, where fans can subscribe for further news.

The “Death March” visual features nine dummy humans lined up against a wall before they get their heads get blown off one by one.

On June 7th, SLIPKNOT has announced changes to its lineup, with longtime keyboardist Craig Jones parting ways with the group. Although the announcement was quickly deleted, the band debuted a new, unidentified member at a recent concert in Austria. The new member appeared behind the keyboards and played with the band during the show. Details regarding the reason for Jones‘ departure have not been made public.

Adderall EP track listing:

1. Death March
2. Adderall – No Intro
3. Adderall – Rough Demo
4. Red or Redder
5. Adderall – Instrumental
6. Hard to Be Here

Slipknot Adderall