SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR On His Masks: ‘Clown And His Wife Actually Helped Me Find […] An Old Crash-Test Dummy’s Mask’

Corey Taylor Clown

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor explained to Dean Delray how he and his buddies got their masks. Read part of the interview here:

“It was trial and error. For some of the guys, like for Clown, he had that mask since he was 12 years old. That Clown mask was a part of him. He’d had it, still fit, he used it. And when he put it on, he became that guy.

“The other guys in the band, it was more about, kind of finding what fits them. For me, I didn’t really know where to go at first. So Clown and his wife actually helped me find… They found an old crash-test dummy’s mask, and we flipped it inside out.

“And at the time, I had dreads, and I was pulling the dreads out through these holes. And when I shaved my head, we took all that hair and we stuck it in the masks to kind of keep that look.

“But over the years, I wanted it to evolve. So I got a little more hands-on and exploratory with what I wanted to say visually. And that’s really where my – like, the difference between all those concepts came up.

“Like, a lot of the guys in the band are happy with theirs. And they keep theirs. Maybe they’ll change them subtly, depending on who’s making the new ones for us.

“But for me, I like exploring who I am now. Nothing against the guys in the band, but for me… Especially with the lyrics. I’m not the same guy I was four years ago when we did ‘.5,’ and before that when I did ‘All Hope Is Gone.’ That guy is constantly changing, so who is that guy in this moment?

“That’s kind of where I’d come from with the masks now. So I sit down with whoever’s making them and I really kind of talk the concept out.”