Slow – IV Mythologiae

This world of heavy music is really getting awkward. The recent changes music industry has been through affect seriously the way people produce and consume music. Pros and cons, there is no way back, the changes are here to stay whether we like them or not. On the other hand, those changes allowed bands to get control of their production. As a matter of fact, they got more free to record whatever they want, and music that wouldn’t have a chance to be on the streets are here with us. It’s an undeniable progress even more if we consider that Heavy Metal, and its subgenres, suffered a lot being controlled by the music industry. The outcome is that we’ve been receiving lots of projects with a not very regular kind of heavy music as this Slow “IV Mythologiae” is.

What “IV Mythologiae” offers are ambient songs with incidental vocals, lots of yells and screams, and white noise. It’s a deep dive into Doom Metal waters but without regular vocals.  The perfect album to listen to relax after a tiring day of work. Vocals vary on this six-tracked album, however they are nothing but regular. As their Doom peers, Slow make use of tonal chords which give lots of power to the song. The drums also make use of few notes and they stress the head of the compass, as it is usual in Doom Metal songs. What makes “IV Mythologiae” different is the lack of regular vocals as aforementioned which turns it into a weird and twisted new age ambient music. Slow tried hard to make real the ambient of dark thoughts they had in mind. “IV Mythologiae” may recreate the mindset of psychokiller during sedation, if it is possible to wonder it.

Slow “IV Mythologiae” is the album to listen in a dark and cold winter day. But pay attention to the music because there were times it gave me the creeps when I was inattentive. The burden of being a reviewer.

Slow “IV Mythologiae” will be released on January 25th via Code666 Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Standing Giant
  2. The Drowning Angel
  3. The Suffering Rebel
  4. The Dying God
  5. Sorrow’s Shadow
  6. The Break of Dawn

Watch “The Dying God” video here: