Slush – Lizard Skin

The Doors were one of the most important band of the 1960s and the echoes of their music still sound everywhere around. Their so simple sonance, yet so complex brought many to the tears due to their songs full of emotion, heart and soul, however sad and of a loneliness that only a few could sense it. Even though The Doors can easily be put as a rock band, labeling them is not that easy due to the various and complex aspects of their music. They opened – it’s not a pum, I swear – room for many other bands to explore zillion musical limits, proto-Metal as well. It’s really fun how a four-piece band without a bass player could make so much fuzz.

Now imagine this band sounding a little more sabbatish with heavy guitars riffing added to the atmospheric moody sonance of a psychedelic lysergic rock with a vocalist who honors Jim Morrison. If you did, here you have Slush with “Lizard Skin” – a name which is not a coincidence. Ok, it lacks the prominent keyboarding with its so particular sonance. I noticed it. Listen to “Graveyard” and tell me it’s not only missing the keyboards. Of course there are other influences, but that’s natural. I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to Slush is The Doors. If you still resist, go straight ahead to 1:55 and listen to the vocals with only a guitar. Come on, guys! Please! Ok, then, listen to “Golden Seam” right now and its heavy blues features.

I guess some people get offended when I compare bands like this, but it’s the way to explain a sonority to someone who has never heard the band. I mean no offense. Well, in my time to be compared to The Doors was a highly appreciated honor, but I guess times they change. It’s no wonder that Slush are much more than this. Beside all that lysergic mood, there is a band that explores all the lysergicness heavy rock sonance and mix it some psychelidec elements in order to modernize it. To many, Slush sound as a bluesy Doom band. Okay, it’s a valid fact of their music, even though there are still more to discover in their music.

From where I’m standing, I value a lot what bands as Slush are doing in bringing up again all the bluesy elements that were a little forgotten. Better yet when they come in acoustic songs as the title track which sounds as much as 1960s as it can get. The sound of those acoustic iron stringed acoustic guitar is amazing due to the full sound of them. Tracks like “Skeleton Queen” are way too exciting not to mention it, and the naive full of fuzz guitar of the beginning of “Megalodon” is a memorable bitter sweet piece of heavy rock.

Slush “Lizard Skin” was released on March 29th.

Track Listing:

  1. Graveyard
  2. Golden Seam
  3. Lizard Skin
  4. Skeleton Queen
  5. Megalodon
  6. Cortex the Killer
  7. On the Silver Globe

Watch “Megalodon” official video here: