Sober Truth – Psychosis

I’ve been into Metal for a really long time – I won’t be clear how long, ok? I consider I got to know Metal very well, there are a few things that I don’t understand though. One of those things are the labels bands get. And it’s getting worst and worst through the years. If memory serves me right, one of the first bands that started “creating” labels to fit their music better was Manowar. But I can’t state that for sure. The impression that I get is that bands label themselves to try fit their music into something they consider it’s new. On second thought, it is not a bad thing. Once I read in a comment page that it helps explaining the diversity of Metal music. I couldn’t agree more. Metal is a very diverse musical style, and words have to be created to express everything bands desire to express, and that is much because Heavy Metal bands express life itself. How to express life? Well, the thing I know is that Philosophy has been trying for more than three thousand years and, to the frank, it has failed miserably.

Getting there to Sober Truth “Psychosis.” My feeling is that the label “Progressive Groove Metal” – which I confess I have never heard – fits okay to the band because it allows them to make a trip around Metal features. I’ll explain. There are many moments in “Psychosis” – by the way, what a name! -, not only considering track by track, but inside tracks. This label allows Sober Truth to fly high and let the spirits of creation fly free. In general, the main line in “Psychosis” is 1990’s European Heavy Metal. Though it doesn’t give a precise idea of what Sober Truth do, it gives you a hint. On the other hand, the label “progressive” allows Sober Truth musicians to go beyond. Metal is a genre that loves virtuosi, and why not show off? Why not those flamboyant guitar – and bass – lines and solos?

Here’s a tip; begin you pleasure with the fifth track “Riven,” which features some twists in cadence and tempo and other vocal lines. From “Riven” on “Psychosis” changes from its 1990s oriented Metal to a more experimental guideline. We feel in “Psychosis” that Sober Truth are a band in movement, I mean, Sober Truth are always evolving.

Sober Truth “Psychosis” was released on February 23rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Solitude
  2. Akardos
  3. Dark Valley
  4. Ode to Reality
  5. Riven
  6. Horizon
  7. Utopia
  8. Sober (ReArranged)
  9. Dying Dreams
  10. Psychosis
  11. Collapse Unplugged

Watch “Solitude” official video here: