Sodom – Bombenhagel Review

‘The EP will be released anyway, as a sign of life. As a signal to our fans: We’re still around!’ That’s frontman Tom Angelripper’s point on releasing an EP after the release of 2020’s “Genesis XIX” during all the Covid pandemonium. The band just wanted to say a strong hello with “Bombenhagel” to all their friends around the world and tell them they are alive and well.

“Bombenhagel” welcomes the fans with the tittle track “Bombenhagel” which is, in fact, originally from 1987’s “Persecution Mania” with all its Hardcore attitude and sonancy. Exactly how Sodom were in the beginning of times. Their Hardcore verve was clear and the will of bringing the power and force of it to Metal music was their main intent. Unlike their Hardcore peers, “Bombenhagel” is a long track of six minutes which to Hardcore is an eternity. It’s a song with lots of songs citations melted organically in it. I admire the way how some bands deal with this kind of citation making them a part of the song. Its intro with the distorted bass lines and the screaming is epic. It’s a pure Hardcore mayhem song until the rhythm guitar starts and, well, the attitude remains until the end. However vocals are pure Extreme Metal, there is no way of telling otherwise and so are the guitars. “Bombenhagel” is a great example of how first Extreme Metal bands took Hardcore and mixed it to the core to formate Extreme Metal.

Following two tracks are new and they are a reflection of what Sodom are doing these days. The band doesn’t seem to cease fire or to calm down a little bit. It’s same attitude of leaving no hostages or to slow down as usual. “Coup De Grace” is pure Teotonic Thrash. There’s no way of telling otherwise. It’s fast and desperate. The kind of song that makes the fan feels that the end of the world is near – Hum, isn’t it? It’s the Sodom’s way of telling a story. Just that. The song’s despair delivers a kind of feeling that is too hard to explain precisely. The end -f-the-world feeling, I guess, tels a lot. The guitars are strong and present with fiercy riffing and rhythm. Their kind of tone is exactly what I really appreciate. Followig and last track “Pestiferous Posse” has a great chordly guitar riffing. Fast and vicious even though the song kicks off a little slower than the previous one to get the right speed in the way and then to give the fan a sample that Sodom can also be moody with some clean guitars in a dissonant strumming.

Yeah, it’s a pitty “Bombenhagel” is too short. My opinion is that Sodom still have a lot to offer.

Sodom “Bombenhagel” will be released on August 20th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. Bombenhagel
  2. Coup De Grace
  3. Pestiferous Posse

Watch “Bombenhagel” video here: