Sodom – Out of the Frontline Trench

And then the veterans of Sodom are back to to front!

It’s great to see that bands with an agenda still have their place under the sun of the Metal gods. It’s also great to see that veteran bands are still taking the hearts of the youngsters. As I said before Metal has a different way to deal with aging which, by the way, is much more healthier than other popular genres. Metal allows bands to age. In fact, to Metal fans aging has the power of making bands even better. Bands don’t get old, they age, they turn into antiques…

Sodom are a classic Thrash Metal band, one of the pioneers of the so-called teutonic School of Thrash Metal. “Out of the Frontline Trench” is a mini album with three new tracks; “Genesis 19” which was taken from the upcoming album, “Down On Your Knees” and “Out Of The Frontline” which are exclusive to this release. “Out of the Frontline Trench” includes two classic songs which are “Agent Orange” recorded with the new line-up and “Bombenhagel” live in Gelsenkirchen 2018. Well, what else to say about a band like Sodom that haven’t given up an inch from their furious and energetic music? What else to say from a band that hasn’t sold out? What else to say of a band that hasn’t embraced the change? Only one thing: Hail Sodom!

“Out of the Frontline Trench” is as sober and respectful as an album can be. “Genesis 19” kicks out with the destructive Sodom way of presenting songs with setting up the chaos on earth. Fast guitar riffs with an angry vocal followed by a martial drumming, that’s what Sodom know better and believe me, it’s great to hear. By the third minute, the band stops and slows down a bit to make that famous 1980’s Thrash Metal wall of sound that is one of the main drives of the subgenre. An opportunity to drummer Husky show evrything he’s got. The whole idea is to sound as the end of times. And Sodom really get it. “Down On Your Knees” is faster and straight ahead. A track to bang your heads violently and forget all the crap that is all around. It’s time to make the hair roll. “Out of the Frontline Trench” sounds as a title track. It’s as martial as it can be working as the warcry with a more comlex guitar work. Another raw and staright ahead that only Sodom can make. A punch in the face. No concessions at all. Just pure and violent Thrash Metal to the delight of fans.

“Out of the Frontline Trench” is another great appetizer while we wait for the upcoming album in 2020.

Sodom “Out of the Frontline Trench” will be released on November 22nd via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. Genesis 19
  2. Down on Your Knees
  3. Out of the Frontline Trench
  4. Agent Orange
  5. Bombenhagel

Watch “Out of the Frontline Trench” official lyric video: