Sodom – Partisan

Who told old dogs learn no new tricks? Haven’t I told that Metal Addicts are bringing you the big guns?

Ah, it’s so great to say a loud and clear ‘Told you so!’.

“Partisan” is an EP with only three tracks, and one of them “Tired and Red” is an alive recording, but by them one can notice that thrash veterans Sodom are in a great shape. All the old Neanderthal finesse is back. Come on, no mimimis, please. Metal is strong because it gives forth to all the aggression and violence and all the bad feelings we have inside. We are the neanderthals in music and we’re proud of that. This music makes us feel we’re pat of something bigger like a brotherhood. As I said before, Metal is a musical movement that has a historical  approach. Kids see bands like Sodom and learn with them. They want to be like them. Make the music they perform. That’s what is so important. “Conflagration” reminds a lot the good old days.

Thrash Metal plays a very important role in Metal world. It’s the most universal subgenre of Metal. It accepts everyone, it doesn’t matter who you, wherever you’re from. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, what really matters is your love and passion for Metal music. That’s all. “Partisan” is not only music, it’s a political stand. “SODOM would like to heal the world with their new EP.” That’s what we find in their merch page at Nuclear Blast. If they’re going to achieve, we don’t know, but it’s a stand and to make a stand these days means a lot. We know where you are, we all know who you are. Sodom do also, and they wrote that for you. Feel you all the pain Sodom’s music inflict to you. This “Partisan” EP may be short, but the message goes very far. Old dogs teach lessons too. Young kids learn from it.

Sodom “Partisan” will be released on October 23rd via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. Partisan
  2. Conflagration
  3. Tired and Red

Watch the official trailer here: