Sol de Sangre – Panico al Miedo – La Senda de la Muerte

“La Senda de la Muerte” is a split EP with only four tracks split two for Sol de Sangre and two for Panico Al Miedo. Having only four tracks is such a pity because “La Senda de la Muerte” is a great album for Extreme Metal fans. Both bands are vigorous mixing Death Metal with some dashes of Hardcore, mostly Sol de Sangre. The coolest thing is that you can set them apart easily listening to the album for their very different musical proposals.

Sol de Sangre is more visceral. You can see the blood squashing out from your headphones or whatever you use. “Festin de la carne” has equal doses of raw and brute Death Metal with Hardcore, specially when it comes to the drumming. BTW, great drummer, guys. The guy changes paces faster than the way he plays. The bass gives the Hardcore intent to following track “Antes de la creación,” which also has a great taste of Hardcore, but the guitar keeps taking us back to Metal seas. I doubt you can listen to them and don’t headbang.

Panico Al Miedo have a more Death Metal intent. They are more technical players what makes their music more complex the way it is done these days. But they are also very energetic and fast. “Desconéctame” has the right doses of speed and heaviness with a great guitar work with intricate guitar phrases ans high-velocity guitar riffs. “Verdad Vil” is a bit slower, but with lots of groovy riffs – I don’t if I can say groovy, but it fits okay. Again guitar interventions win the day. Pretty damn good players with a healthy technique variation avoiding today’s clichés. Pay attention to the guitar sequence by the second minute. Amazing!

If you are the one who enjoys bands with strong personality, here you have “La Senda de la Muerte.” Extreme Metal at its best guaranteed.

“La Senda de la Muerte” will be released on January 25th via War Anthem Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Festin de la carne – Sol de Sangre
  2. Antes de la creación – Sol de Sangre
  3. Desconéctame – Panico al Miedo
  4. Verdad Vil – Panico al Miedo