Solitary Sabred – By Fire Brimstone

From minute one Solitary Sabred impress by the vocalist with an imposed and gigantic voice a la Bruce Dickinson, the master of the masters of imposed and gigantic voices. Another influence noted is King Diamond, the king of falsettos, both singers whose voices are still unparalleled. In fact, however, it’s no offense at all that this style of singing has its pros and cons. Though technically perfect and pristine, it brings an aura of excess and theatrical singing, not to say at the limit bogus. Of course, this is not the case. However in the begiinning I really thought it would be one of the kind, but later on this image vanished from my mind. To be fair with Petros “Asgardlord” Leptos his voice shows to be more versatile, the man is able to bounce from one to another and still reminding Queensrÿche Geoff Tate as in the last, but not least “Blestem.”

It’s funny to recognize that the voice atracts us fans, and merely mortals, as bugs are to light. If we don’t pay enough, and fair attention, the remarkable guitar playing could be unnoted. The sequence of notes in the aforementioned “Blestem” is just some kind of magic. Not only because of its pristine playing, but also due to its rarety. Few guitarist dare to use the kind in their songs because it’s so easy to backfire. Since I mentioned, in all tracks there is something that makes the fan pay attention to the guitars, it could be the solo or the riffing or even a lick. In, for instance, “Servants of the Elder Gods” guitar and vocals talk, an effective but also rarely used technique. Besides talking, the both seem to be so perfectly matched that the feeling is that they complete each other. Amazing.

Nonethless some say that Power Metal is the most static subgenre of Metal, Solitary Sabred “By Fire Brimstone” prove that it lots and lots to burn. “By Fire Brimstone” is in no way monolithcal, and Solitary Sabred manage to bounce their style of making music a lot. Unlike some of their peers, this album is in no way boring or excessive. A good option to the sleepy afternoons when you’re home after a tiring day of work or school.

Solitary Sabred “By Fire Brimstone” will be released on March 13th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Servants of the Elder Gods
  2. Assassins of Carthage
  3. Disillusions
  4. Invoking the Master
  5. The Scarlet Citadel (Chronicles of the Barbarian King pt.I)
  6. Fyres of Koth (Chronicles of the Barbarian King pt.II)
  7. Psionic Transmogrification
  8. IX
  9. Blestem

Watch “Assassins of Carthage” official lyric video here: