SONGS OF PETRICHOR Release Debut Single ‘Nomad’

Saudi Arabia’s progressive grunge rock trio SONGS OF PETRICHOR are releasing their debut single “Nomad in preview to their self-titled album coming November 2021 via Sound of Wall Records. Check out the single below!

A nostalgic, melancholic revival of influenced 70’s prog, 90’s grunge, and South Asian classical music, SONGS OF PETRICHOR has fused a refreshing sound from the Middle East. With all members of the band being multi-instrumentalists, the crafting of songs has always taken an interesting approach with each of them having mutual respect for each other’s instrumentation.

Admitting that they are first and foremost a live experience, SONGS OF PETRICHOR’s true chemistry comes to life when adding improvisation to their stage performance, but in the meantime, with lockdowns around the globe, they feel it is necessary to allow the public to enjoy this chapter of their sonic adventure until then.

SONGS OF PETRICHOR‘s goal with “Nomad and the forthcoming record is to take listeners on a journey of rain-induced sentiment, strong emotions, and adoration for the classic yet modern love of rock. On “Nomad“, fans will hear SOP find their own voice while still demonstrating a unique and relatable sound.

The band stated:
“‘Nomad’ was inspired by our drummer Omair’s thoughts of not belonging anywhere and constantly moving on. The song is open to interpretation as either a narrative of a literal ‘nomad’ or as a metaphor of one whose journey is akin to that of a nomad. The song holds themes of not belonging to a single location, perseverance, moving on, pain, loss, vengeance and yet finds space for hope. It is an Oriental Grunge song with elements of Progressive Rock.”