Sonic Dynamite – Another World Review

“Another World” is exactly the kind of Hair Metal album that really makes my mind up. Strong guitar riffs, intricate guitar solos, melodic clean voice with high pitch and high range, singalong choruses and all and all. The kind of album that track by track surprises the fan. The expectations from album opener until the grand finale change. From the aforementioned Hair Metal to Old School Heavy Metal in a blinky of an eye. Great change of heart. Sonic Dynamite do justice to the name. Their “Another World” is a sonic dynamite.

I know it’s such a hard task to sound original in 2022 playing Hair Metal but it’s fair to say that Sonic Dynamite tried really hard. From where I’m standing, the band does a real good job here. “Another World” is their sophomore album and it’s fair to say that the band has a personality. This musical plasticity is one of them. This ability of changing hearts in the album turns out to be the most important feature of the band. From album welcomer “Tempestate” to grand finale “The Spirit of the Ancient Kings” the album changes from water to wine. The thing is that my dear chid of the night will notice that there is a link among all the tracks. There is a conducting main idea that links all the songs. The way guitars do the riffing and the vocals are the main lines that sew “Another World” together. So, it’s fair to say that the term Hair Metal doesn’t do justice for all the album. Not because the band doesn’t sound Hair Metal. It’s because th album changes so much to fit into the term. The ballad and grand finale “The Spirit of the Ancient Kings” doesn’t sound sugared as Hair Metal ballads. It has an epic medieval intro that is pretty dissimilar Hair Metal ballads. Not to mention the way the track goes. There are even moments of some modern Metal features in it. Easily the most different track of the album.

Here we’ve got an album that does justice to the name of the band. Dynamite in the Scorpions way of doing it, if I may say. Let’s get “Distant Lands” as an example with its intro with a guitar solo a la Mathias Jabs and the guitar riffing. The album is as intense as this track and it’s a dynamite so to say.

Sonic Dynamite “Another World” was released on December 09th.

Track Listing:

  1. Tempestate
  2. Bread & Circuses
  3. Another World
  4. Distant Lands
  5. Preachers in Heaven
  6. In the Gardens of Eternal Grace
  7. Rockin’ Dynamite
  8. Hidden Angel
  9. Monster Within
  10. The Spirit of the Ancient Kings

Watch “Another World” official lyric video here: