SONS OF LAZARETH Sing With Argonauta Records

Italian Heavy Stoner Rockers in SONS OF LAZARETH have signed a worldwide deal with the ever growing record label Argonauta Records.

Formed in 2014, SONS OF LAZARETH have defined their very own sound and quickly began to constantly playing live. Their first and hotly anticipated full-length album ‘Blue Skies, Back To Grey’, recorded at the Boat Studios Bologna, Italy, will be released by Argonauta Records in the end of 2018.

Says the band: “We got in touch with Argonauta Records thanks to our current label mates and close friends Hell Obelisco. We wanted someone able to understand our influences and push us at best. Once we met Gero and spent with him a whole day, we knew he was the right person to deal with, also for the reason we understood to come both from the same musical background”.

Gero, CEO at Argonauta Records comments: “When I got the chance to hear a bunch of songs by this young Italian band I was literally overwhelmed by their energy and adrenaline. I immediately asked the guys if I could hear more and the whole work confirmed the first impressions. Not just Stoner Rock, yet an impressive wall of sound fund on ’90ties sonorities and attitude.”

Influenced by the sounds of bands alike Kyuss, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Elder, Baroness, Unida, Clutch or Soundgarden, SONS OF LAZARETH deliver some exciting mixture of the Heavy Desert Rock tunes which will surely please any genre-fans and beyond!

Leonardo Riccioni (guitar/backing vocals)
Alessandro D’Amato (voice/guitar)
Marcello Pinna (bass/guitar)
Marco Gambarini (drums)