SORCERER Releases Video Clips For Entire New Album, ‘Lamenting Of The Innocent’

Sorcerer Band
Photo credit: Marieke Verschuren

Last week, SORCERER digitally released their third full-length, Lamenting of the Innocent, via Metal Blade Records worldwide (the album is physically available in the USA now, with a new June 5th physical street date in Europe). For a preview of Lamenting of the Innocent, video clips for each song (directed by Daniel WahlströmHeavy Groove Media) can be viewed below.

1. Persecution (Intro) – N/A

2. The Hammer of Witches:

3. Lamenting of the Innocent:

4. Age of the Damned:

5. Where Spirits Die:

6. Deliverance — featuring guest vocals by Johan Langquist of CANDLEMASS!

7. Institoris

8. Condemned:

9. Dance with the Devil

10. Path To Perdition

Sorcerer Lamenting Of The Innocent