Sorceress of Sin – Constantine Review

It’s no secret my passion for female fronted bands. It’s also no secret that even though my appreciation for Power Metal, my constant thought is that it is limited and, sometimes, predictable. Sorceress of Sin are both female fronted and Power Metal, how not to love it at first sight? Lisa Skinner has such a powerful voice that it’s almost impossible not to love at first sight this “Constantine” album. It’s fair to say that her voice saves the day. Overreaction? No, absolutely not. Truth to be told, the best thing of “Constantine” is her voice embelished by a very competent and sensitive instrumental.

The Power Metal Sorceress of Sin deliver has some dashes of Symphonic, very slight I mean. Their music is tight, straight ahead and simple. There is no fancy playing besides the touches of Symphonic. The brightness the band gains is all around Lisa Skinner’s voice. Better said, Sorceress of Sin‘s thing is a Heavy Metal with some Speed Metal drumming and with concise guitar riffing and thundering bass. The keyboards and the symphonic arrangements are only to give the music some more bright, not to lead. There’s an important difference when the keyboards and the symphonic lead the way in a Metal band. Here is the opposite. The guitars and the voice lead. Opening track “Necropolis” is a a killer. There is no better word for it. It’s fast, it’s powerful, it’s straight ahead, it’s Lisa Skinner on vocals leading and paving the way. Here she goes from Bruce Dickinson’s pitches to Tom Araya’s power. The girl delivers wonders.

The best thing of is “Constantine” its ability of delivering different tracks all around it. Each track is a surprise. From track one “Necropolis” to last, and tittle, track “Constantine” the fan just wonders what is to come. “Realms of Elysium,” for instance, has the killer inspiration of Judas Priest “Painkiller” era. Its fast paced tempo and harsh vocals added to the acid guitars wrapping make it a track to remember. Everything changes again with “Pathogenic Parasite” and its neoclassical grip. Even the ballad “Dimension IV” doesn’t  get cheesy with her voice. With it the song acquires an imaginable power. Man, what an album! Straight ahead to the nominations of 2021.

Sorceress of Sin “Constantine” was independently released on August 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. Necropolis
  2. Massacre of Meridian[
  3. Realms of Elysium
  4. Pathogenic Parasite
  5. Until the Dawn
  6. Dimension IV
  7. Erratica
  8. Adira
  9. Constantine

Watch “Realms of Elysium” official lyric video here: