Sortilège – Apocalypso Review

It’s really funny how history goes back and forth. It’s also interesting to see how ironically the wheels of time move. Sortilége can tell that tale even better as one of the staplers of 1980’s Heavy Metal which, however, had a short life. Sortilége were born in 1981 from the ashes of Bloodwave. The band performed many concerts back then including opening various gigs for Def Leppard. That’s when they got signed by Rave-On Records. The first EP was then released and led very quickly to the debut album, “Métamorphose,“ produced by Devil’s Records (Madrigal). Soon enough the band was a sensation performing in many European festivals culminating in the famous Breaking Sound festival in Le Bourget (France) in August 1984. In 1986, they released their second studio album “Armes de Héros.” After that, the band experienced internal tensions which have put an end to a short but effective career which had nevertheless left a legacy.

Fast forward to 2019. Keep It True Festival 2019 in Germany: More than 30 years later, Sortilége made their comeback with original singer, Christian “Zouille” Augustin. With a new line-up they decided to re-record 12 classics from the 80s plus two new additional songs, which resulted in the “Phenix” in August 2021. In 2022 they returned back on stage at Lyon, Nancy, among others before the super Parisian show at the Elysee Montmartre. Then Sortilége hit the Hellfest mainstage with continuous amazing feedback. Now they’re back with this newest full length called “Apocalypso.”

Now about “Apocalypso” which is a very interesting album and a bit different from what the band used to do. The epic moments took over the album. To some extent, it’s fair to say that Sortilége did to their music the same the great Saxon did. That is, they updated it without loosing any inch of power and glory. On second thought, I guess they are even heavier than they were in the 1980s. Saxon as well. By the way, the theme choice is rather similar with tracks named “Poseidon,” by the way the opening track that is a blast to the ears of my dear child of the night; or even “Attila,” one of the most sung characters of the past. This track is even heavier with a pungent chorus. The neat instrumentals of “Apocalypso” call the attention. Their quality is unquestionable. Easily one of the best albums of the year. “Derrière les portes de babylone” has that epic grip I’ve talked before with some orchestral thing in it. Maybe the strongest track of the album with an oriental moment that capts the attention.

“Apocalypso” is a surprising album even for the ones who knew Sortilége back then. The band made the return! With all the charm of singing in French.

Sortilège “Apocalypso” will be released on March 03rd via Verycords.

Track Listing:

  1. Poseidon
  2. Attila
  3. Derrière les portes de babylone
  4. Le scare du sorcier
  5. La parade des centaures
  6. Walkyrie
  7. Encore un jour
  8. Trahison
  9. Vampire
  10. Apocalypso

Watch “Walkyrie” alive video here: