SOUND OF MEMORIES Stream New Album ‘The Sand Within’

SOUND OF MEMORIES is a band from the Parisian suburbs created in 2010. Their style can be described as a mix of heavy/thrash metal riffs with a base of old-school melodic death music.

After a few years experimenting and carving out their musical style and the arrival of Nacim on the drums, the band found its own musical identity, with the recurrent theme of humanism in general, and in particular human’s evolution,  philosophy and perception of the world through the ages. In 2013, SOUND OF MEMORIES welcomed new member Flo as their frontman, before to record their first EP called Living Circles at the ZOE-H studio (The CNK…).

In the wake of this project, the band joined the promotion and touring association Army of One, and performed at a number of French metalshows (like the PHYC Fest, the Eragny’s Covent Garden, La Boule Noire…).
Then in 2015, Julien DELSOL (Deep in Hate,91 All Stars…) lead production of the band’s first album: a much darker, complex and ambitious opus than their previous effort.

In November 2015, SOUND OF MEMORIES released their first LP To Deliverance through FinisterianDeadEnd / Season of Mist / Code7,and a number of subsequent gigs allowed the band to make their music and energy known.

Right now, SOUND OF MEMORIES is ready to promote their new album The Sand Within. Listen to it in full below: