Source – Source

Here’s a very interesting band with an unusual intent. Old school Heavy Metal with a melodic grip, but not that melodic we all know. Source are a band that mixes an American power metal grip with European King Diamondish vocals. The outcome is a ferocious and breathtaking band with killer guitar interventions and pounding drumming. Sometimes melodic, sometimes angry, but always with great instrumental interventions.

“Source” is an energetic four tracked EP. All of them have its own special touch and a feature that disguise them from the others. Some are usual too as “The Serpent Is Rising” which is a Styx cover – very unusual for a Metal band to do that – with an art rock taste. It matches fine with Source’s musical intent. “Crossroads Calling” has an intriguing intro with violins and cellos which deceive the listener who might think Source is a symphonic Metal band. Not even close. After almost two minutes of intro, Source show everything they got with a powerful riffing tune. It’s the track that reminds King Diamond and Mercyful Fate most. However, Source only reminds them all. They have so strong personality to let you go on thinking this way. Great guitar interventions and phrases. Guitar duo work fine in the end.

The second track, “Let Him In,” of “Source” starts with a frenetic riff and drumming. The frenetic style Judas Priest fans will get soon at the first listen. However, with Source touch. The shortest, but not the smallest. Then we to “Wither” which is even more frenetic than “Let Him In.” But I guess it’s the song which really shows Source’s essence. The combination guitar-vocals kills. Great mesmerizing guitar riff. Perfect drumming and guitar contrast. Really liked the twist in the end.

Well, Source are a band for whom like to a chaotic melody with string energy.

Source “Source” will be released on September 14th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Crossroads Calling
  2. Let Him In
  3. Wither
  4. The Serpent Is Rising (Styx cover)

Watch “Crossroads Calling” official video here: