Space Elevator – II

Have I told here that I just love bands with female vocalists? Hum, I guess have. Space Elevator gain points because of that. Of course, I will write a fair review about them. But, female voices give one more attraction to a band. Don’t you agree? One of the reasons is because they still are scarce in rock/metal world. Girls, we really don’t know why, aren’t so attracted to heavy music. Ok, that’s not really a rule. On second thought, there are no rules in the world of heavy music. That’s what we’ve been fighting for since always. But times they change, my friends. There are more girls now than in the past. Let’s empower them. Let’s hail their presence. Let’s listen to their music not only because they’re girls, but because they share the same feelings about music than we do.

Well, back to Space Elevator and “II.” This effort is about rock. I mean the kind of rock it used to be done in the 1980s. There are songs like “The One That Got Away” that are tipically from the early 1980s. A bit funky, a bit dancy. With that outstanding guitar solo just because it constrasts. A real Daryl Hall & John Oates piece. But Space Elevator can get rough. Opening track, “Take the Pain” and “Crazies (Take Me Home)” are much heavier than what Bon Jovi play nowadays. They please the listener who likes hard rock. “Take the Pain,”for instance, has a delicious flavour of Heart.

I know that for the hardcore headbanger, the one who listen to death and black metal, Space Elevator isn’t really the kind of music they want to listen. For me, though, that lived the 1980s musical diversity, and used to listen to the radio of that time searching for some musical relevance, Space Elevator please. Guys, there are intelligence and musical competence outside the world of Metal. We all agree it’s not often, but there are. “We Can Fly” is a delicious track if you’re not that hardminded. Space Elevator “II” is the pure delight when times were a bit more musical. Times when radios had a bit more diversity, not only the same tasteless music we’ve been listening for almost forty years. And The Duchess is a great singer.

Space Elevator “II” will hit the sky on May 25th via SPV / Steamhammer.

Track Listing:

  1. Take The Pain
  2. Talk Talk
  3. World Of Possibilities
  4. The One That Got Away
  5. Crazies (Take Me Home)
  6. We Can Fly (ARO Mix)
  7. All This Time
  8. Far Away Boy
  9. Lucky Girl
  10. Keep Waiting
  11. W.Y.T.A.T.
  12. Queen For a Day

Watch “We Can Fly” official video here: