Spontane – Mojra

 The latest helping of a combination of metalcore and punk rock from Polish group Spontane is something that was made for people out there looking for something completely different and willing to hear just about anything fresh and unlike anything they’ve heard so far.

“Mojra” is a unique album in its own with a very intriguing sound and overall feel to it that as a fan of metalcore and some punk I found quite a lot to enjoy out of this 2-track album.

Spontane have really gone into unexplored territory (that I know of) that hasn’t crossed over into the minds of mainstream metal communities yet, and this may be a fantastic thing to become popular or an absolute blunder. Impossible to tell from just 2 tracks, but I’ve confidence that Spontane isn’t done and they’ve got plenty more in store for us.

“Mojra” can be streamed in full via Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

  1. Dzień w mieście aniołów

  2. Powietrze