Stahlsarg – Mechanisms Of Misanthropy

Stahlsarg’s “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” is a very angry effort, but not that earthly anger we’re used to, it’s a more complex and supernatural anger. Hard to explain in words. You’ll have to check it out, or believe my words.

Stahlsarg are a band that chose to build up songs to explain human emotions. So that had to be very complex. And it is. “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” is a very complex effort, not only technically speaking, but all the emotions and feelings it tries to reach us. That’s why all those up and down tempos, the intricated guitar lines, the pounding drums. Everything blend together leading to a burst of sound. Even though energetic and vibrating. Yeah, “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” has its vibrating moments as in “Blonde Poison.” Most of all,  Stahlsarg don’t forget their black metal roots attacking us with some fast and hard as iron songs. As it was in the beginning. A highlight to the drums that capture all the vibrating beats of the very first black metal acts. “Pharmaceutical Frontline” does the job pretty well.

Unlike their peers, Stahlsarg’s guitar riffs aren’t mostly built up with high pitched notes. Stahlsarg chose to use mostly full power chords. That gives more power to the songs. It gets heavier. The cadence gets a little more balance and strength. To break all the fierceful chords, a little fingered notes. And that’s all. No need to sugar songs too much. There’s an old sayong that says if you sugar too much, you’ll get diabetes. And that’s no good at all. No problem if you speed it up. Sometimes that’s desireable. Stahlsarg deal skilfully with speed. “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” doesn’t save on high speed songs. As it was before.

I know I’ve been writing here that slowing down tempos a little gave extreme Metal bands many more musical resources. But I never wrote that should forget speed up songs. That would be nonsense. Stahlsarg’s “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” is a lesson of how bands can use wisely speed. “A Will To Endure” is the best example. A very well blended mix of speed and strong guitar riffs.

Track Listing:

  1. Raise The Dead
  2. Das Fallbeil
  3. Blonde Poison
  4. Pharmaceutical Frontline
  5. Far Beyond The Dragons Teeth
  6. Burn and Destroy
  7. Hope Lies Frozen
  8. A Will To Endure
  9. Aerial Night Terrorists
  10. In The Lungs Of The Earth

Stahlsarg’s “Mechanisms Of Misanthropy” will be released on October 30th via Non Serviam Records.

Watch “A Will To Endure” lyric video here: