Star Rider – Star Rider Review

I’ll admit that the first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to an album as “Star Rider” is to try to connect their music with other bands I remember. While listening to album welcomer “Give me Speed (or Give me Death)” it was Paul Dianno’s Iron Maiden era. To be more specific it was the vocals that rang the bell. Ok, instrumentals don’t address to Iron Maiden in no way except for the frantic rhythm, but vocals do. Maybe it does to Paul Dianno’s solo career. Just maybe.

I do have a thing for this kind of Metal music after all it was the music that I grew up with. The frentic guitar riffings of “Too Fast to Die” do make my mind. The flare for Speed Metal combined with high pitched vocals intertwined with crazied guitar solos is a combination that make me remember the good old times when I was discovering Metal music world with bands as Damien Thorne with 1986’s “The Sign of the Jackal” or even Omen with 1985’s “Warning of Danger.” Just love that.

However, I hate when I listen to the guitar riff of “Burning Star” and I am not able to remember to what song it does have some similarities. It gets worse when the memory almost comes. That makes me crazy. Ok, the truth is that this is the kind of track that make me headbang all the way. Oh, my poor old man’s neck!

All right, “Star Rider” and its guitars is a combination that really makes my mind. It’s not only the twin guitars that the album is all about. It’s only the guitars’ overtones. It’s not only because they bring me some good memories back. It’s also because they are heavy and strong. The kind of album that gives me lots of hope. Great to know that the flame is still high. That’s why I say that Metal is much more than only music. It’s also much more than a life style. It’s life itself. It’s the essence of life if you know what I’m saying. I guess my dear child of the night might know what I’m trying to say. I’m looking forward to a full-length.

Star Rider “Star Rider” was released on November 05th via Steel Shark Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Give me Speed (or Give me Death)
  2. Burning Star
  3. Out of the Cave
  4. Too Fast to Die

Watch “Burning Star” official lyric video here: