Starcrazy – Another Day Another Squalor Review

This is such a fantastic thing to be able to follow the bands’ career the way we do here. We’ve reviewed Starcrazy’s debut album 2021’s “Played for Suckers” which showcased a band that followed a 1970s grip of Heavy Rock. This “Another Day, Another Squalor” follows the same formula. Songs with some juvenile excitement with funny lyrics witth some subtle references to Metal music –  sometimes this funny is debatable. However, if “Played for Suckers” was near Greta Van Fleet’s sonancy, this is “Another Day, Another Squalor” sounds much ore near The Black Crowes sonancy. I see, though, that technically the band is better, more cohesive, tighter. As I have said before, Starcrazy did their best to emulate their past influences. The outcome is an album that sounds as if 1970 which, I guess, for the band is the supreme compliment. Starcrazy even revives the whistle thing some bands used in the past in the grand finale “Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)” with a great taste of Gun N’ Roses.

“Another Day, Another Squalor” welcomes the fan with the frentic and exciting “Galaxy O’ Luv” with interesting guitars and vocals that reproduce flawlessly their idols. There are times that the band gets so near Proto Metal which, I guess, is one of the intents. Well, I don’t know if willingly, but an intent. This EP, to some extent, would be much commercial that the previous album due to the The Black Crowes sonancy as in second track “The Big Time,” which by the way, the uhuuhu chorus goes back to The Rolling Stones. Again, the guitars are a highlight. Guitarist Odin Wolf does a pretty good job here.

This six tracked EP “Another Day, Another Squalor” has lots of references. If my dear fan listens to them all it’s possible to list all the references Starcrazy do here. From “Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)” with a great taste of Gun N’ Roses with that whistle that they loved to use until even some seconds of the intro of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with “The Open Sea.” By the way, the track doesn’t sound as the aforementioned track. It’s only some seconds of the guitar intro. In a way, this is natural as the wheel has been invented. “Another Day, Another Squalor” is a good album for millennials that are about to rock. Better be rocking than listening to Rihanna, I must say.

Starcrazy “Another Day, Another Squalor” will be released on March 10th.

Track Listing:

  1. Galaxy O Luv
  2. The Big Time
  3. The Open Sea
  4. Egging Me On
  5. Hysterical
  6. Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)

Watch “Hysterical” official music video here: