Starving Souls – Save Our Souls

The one who listens t o the first track of Starving Souls’ “Save Our Souls”, “Space We Quest”, will get a wrong impression of the band, I mean, not wrong, but incomplete. The track shows a modern metal band using all the requested tricks to be it, but that’s not all. That’s why metal bands still record albums! Bands are too more complex than only one song can handle. Starving Souls are a very complex band which surprises you at every track. Each song is a new discovery, and that takes a lot of work and a lot of nerve, because daring is for the strong. And “Save Our Souls” is an album of daring. The second track, “My Sadness”, is almost a piece of old school death at the beginning, but then, the song takes an U turn and becomes a shiny piece of melodic death metal. The keyboards add a very kind atmosphere of lyricism that gets you by the stomach. “Nightmarish Dream”, i. e., could have been done during the 1980’s if you got a little less gutural vocals. That’s because the guitars that used a pretty common guitar line back then that is using guitar motifs instead of doing it with power chords. And so goes “My Deceased Friend”, with the guitars doubling the vocals. I can’t explain why but the beginnig of “Old Man’s Deep” made me travel exactly to the album cover. I could almost feel the trembles and shakes of the ship, and kept with a salty taste in my mouth.

Bands like Starving Souls are the ones that made me go extreme, and made me not nostalgic of the 1980’s, but confident that the future of our beloved Heavy Metal is going to be bright.

Track listing:

  1. Space We Quest
  2. My Sadness
  3. Black Hole
  4. Nightmarish Dream
  5. Pyramid
  6. My Deceased Friend
  7. Old Man’s Deep
  8. Cargo 200
  9. Into The Deep

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