STEEL PANTHER: NICKELBACK Is Jealous Of Us, Their Singer Chaz Is Trying To Ride Our Coattails

Satchel and Stix from STEEL PANTHER recently had a rather odd chat with Toazted regarding NICKELBACK, you can check it out below (as transcribed by

Toazted:  I really respect that you helped the guy from NICKELBACK. You’re apparently friends. I didn’t know he had friends.

Satchel: “Chaz, the singer form NICKELBACK… We call him Chaz because we’re tight. He’s not doing well. They just feel like their career is really starting to take a sh*t. They’re not selling the records like they used to.”

Toazted: How can you still be friends?

Satchel: “Let’s put it this way: We’re not super tight friends but I think Chaz is trying to ride our coattails a little bit. Because he sees us, we’re like a shooting star. Just like a meteor, burning with fire and passion. We’re not gonna last forever, but you want to hop on that meteor and just ride it until it just f*cking hits… you know… a mountain.”

Satchel: You played at Avril Lavigne‘s wedding. Turns out it wasn’t Avril Lavigne after all. She’s dead and Melissa, some impostor, took her place.

Satchel: “Holy sh*t, Avril Lavigne is dead?!”

Stix: “So you’re saying Deezer is breaking the news that Avril Lavigne is dead?”

Satchel: “Geezer Butler?”

Stix: “Wasn’t Chaz married to Avril?”

Satchel: “I wanted to f*ck Avril too. Too bad she’s dead.”

Stix: “She got up on stage with us once before she died.”

Satchel: “It would probably be wrong for me to f*ck her now at this point.”

Stix: “Wouldn’t be cool. Many people would frown upon it. Necrophilia is just not cool.”

You can watch entire interview below.

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