STEEL PANTHER’s SATCHEL: In 10 Years, The P*ssy Melter Distortion Pedal Will Be Worth $500,000 A Piece

In a recent video in which he demonstrated the “P*ssy Melter“, STEEL PANTHER guitarist Satchel said that the controversial distortion pedal is a great investment, as it will bring its owners a x2,500 return on the initial $199 investment. Satchel told Loudwire:

“This thing will melt any p*ssy, it’s crazy. My cat was in the room when I was trying it out – it melted the cat. It was just a puddle of hair…

“The thing is, this is an investment for the future. Invest in the P*ssy Melter, ’cause in 10 years, these things are gonna be worth half a million dollars, a piece.

“It’s the same size as a bar of gold. It’s probably worth more at this point…”