STEEL PANTHER’s SATCHEL Slams NIKKI SIXX Over ‘Most Underrated Bassist’: ‘Does He Play The Bass In That Band?’

Satchel Nikki Sixx

As reported last week,  Nikki Sixx has said that he is the most underrated bass player ever.

After one fan asked him on Twitter to name “the most underrated bass player ever,” MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist simply responded: “Me.”

In a new interview with Pennsylvania’s 97.9X radio station, STEEL PANTHER guitarist Satchel was asked for his opinion on Sixx‘s comment.

Nikki Sixx, I don’t think anybody really gives a sh*t how well he plays the bass,” Satchel said. “Listen, everybody loves MÖTLEY CRÜE, everybody loves those songs.

“I give it up for CRÜE — I love ’em; they’re great. But I’ve seen MÖTLEY CRÜE a bunch of times, and they’ve never sounded great live. But nobody gives a sh*t,” he continued. “He should be glad that they don’t really have to sound great live. Vince [Neil] has never been a great live singer. Who gives a sh*t? They’ve got great songs.

“Listen, we toured with those guys, and I think [Nikki] said two words to me the whole f*cking tour,” Satchel added. “I love those guys. They can hate us as much as they want. We’re gonna keep on f*cking rocking.

STEEL PANTHER drummer Stix Zadinia also poked fun at Nikki Sixx‘s claim that he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves as a bass player.

Stix wrote on Twitter: “Yeah. Right. WAY more underrated than Geddy LeeEddie Jackson, and Skid from LOVE/HATE…….shall I go on? “

“That’s sarcasm,” he clarified.

The war of wards between MÖTLEY CRÜE and STEEL PANTHER began when Michael Starr and Stix Zadinia were asked in a 2019 interview which musician from the past they would like to bring back, to which Starr replied, “I’d bring back Vince Neil,” and Zadinia chimed in, “He’s not dead.” Starr pressed on, saying: “I’d bring back Vince Neil from back in the day because that guy is dead.”

After the news spread around the internet, Sixx took to Twitter to write: “The singer in Steal Panther [sic] can go f*ck himself … wanna-be band putting down Vince Neil?” One fan then pointed out that STEEL PANTHER sometimes plays MÖTLEY CRÜE songs during its concerts, to which Sixx responded, “That’s why they are a—sholes. Backstabbers.”

MÖTLEY CRÜEDEF LEPPARDPOISON and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS have previously announced dates for their 2021 “The Stadium Tour.

Dates and tickets for the tour can be found here.