STENCH PRICE Streams Self-Titled EP In Full


STENCH PRICE have premiered their entire Self-titled EP in full in SoundCloud which can be heard below. Having a lineup like never before, especially for this style of music, it’s a very unique project and one that’s determined not to rest on its laurels – STENCH PRICE are bound to put out an even mightier followup album in mid-2017.

Album lineup:
France – Romain Goulon – Drums (NECROPHAGIST)
USA – Danny Lilker (BRUTAL TRUTH)
Sweden – Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, ECHELON, etc.)
Siberia – Peter Shallmin – Bass (ESCAPETHECULT, KAMLATH)
Siberia – Max Konstantinov – Guitars (KAMLATH)
USA – Max Phelps (CYNIC, EXIST)
Australia – Karina Utomo (HIGH TENSION)
USA – Shawn Knight (CHILD BITE)

STENCH PRICE are a grind ‘supergroup’ like no other. Not only do they feature star contributions from members of Necrophagist, Cynic, Brutal Truth, Paganizer, Hail of Bullets and others, the music too is of a different audacious kind. Mastermind Peter Shallmin has bombarded the already caustic music with bossa/lounge music in way that it all seems thoroughly fascinating. It’s never been done before, at least not in such a brilliant manner where it adds a dimension to the music without taking away anything from it. The genre has been stagnating and it’s time to bring in avant-garde influences that change the way we perceive it. Every song has unique contributions and a different edge to make sure that they not only stand out, but leave an indelible mark on the scene. There’s none like Stench Price and this is only the beginning.