STEVE HARRIS: I Don’t Think IRON MAIDEN Deserved To Win Grammy For ‘El Dorado’

Steve Harris

In a new interview with Miami New Times, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris said that his band’s 2011 “Best Metal Performance” Grammy win for “El Dorado” was less deserving than some other MAIDEN nominations, such as “Blood Brothers”“Fear Of The Dark” and “The Wicker Man.”

He noted: “To be honest with you, I think we ended up getting it for a song which I thought was not one of our best ones.” I didn’t think we really deserved it for that one, but maybe one of the others. So it was a bit off, really.”

In the same interview, Harris spoke about the band’s longevity: “When we started off, we weren’t even thinking of being a global band. We just ended up becoming that. That wasn’t the goal to start with. You just try different things, and here we are.”

According to the Italian website, Maiden Concerts, a survey was done and came to the conclusion that IRON MAIDEN has already recorded their new album and is in the final stages of finalization.

The new album will be the seventeenth IRON MAIDEN album, succeeding the great The Book of Souls (2015). The material was again produced by Kevin Shirley, who has been signing all of the band’s records since 2000 and will be the sixth album since the group became a sextet with the return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith twenty years ago in February 1999.

There is no further information on the musical direction of the work, on the topics, covered and other aspects. What is known is that all the musicians, their wives, and the producer are at the same time in Paris, where Guillaume Tell Studios is located, where MAIDEN recorded Brave New World (2000) and The Book of SoulsKevin Shirley even posted pictures of the studio, saying he was almost finalizing a major project.

With the announcement of the new album in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to watch the group shows in festivals like Rock in Rio because he will certainly have songs from the new album, diversifying the setlist and bringing an extra attraction to the fans.