Rob Halford Steve Harris

In a recent interview with Consequence Of SoundRob Halford said that he would love to see JUDAS PRIEST join forces IRON MAIDEN for a tour.

“I think both bands would look to do that. It’s all about the timing of doing such a thing. We’re good friends.”

“When we talk about rivalry, healthy rivalry, it’s like the Arizona Cardinals and the Raiders or the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors,” he added.

“It’s that kind of rivalry, a good rivalry. It’s a fun rivalry. But I think both bands have admired each other throughout the metal years, and it would be a spectacular event — PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN together.

During yesterday’s appearance (Tuesday, November 12) on SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation”, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris was asked for his opinion on a hypothetical MAIDEN/PRIEST tour.

He replied:: “It’s funny because I saw [Halford‘s comments] myself. And also, apparently someone today said that [JUDAS PRIEST bassist] Ian Hill said something about it as well. So, I don’t know. I suppose the management has gotta get their heads together and [make] something like that [happen]. But, yeah, why not? I suppose the fans can push for it to happen. But we’ll see.”

He also recalled MAIDEN‘s 1981 North American tour as the support act for PRIEST.

“[I have] lots of good memories,” Harris said. “And I really love that album, ‘Point Of Entry’. Some people don’t think it’s their favorite PRIEST album. But I suppose ’cause we were on tour [with PRIEST when they were supporting] it, I really liked it.”

Earlier this year, Ian Hill talked about artists he would like the band to collaborate with, singling out fellow heavy metal icons IRON MAIDEN among the top picks.

“It will come,” Ian said during the interview, “eventually there will come a time when maybe you aren’t able to perform to your optimum or high standards anyway, and you have to admit to yourself that you’ve got to do other things.

“There will come a time, but for us, it’s not yet. I can see the reasons why they’re doing it, but we’re enjoying it too much at the moment to consider quitting!”