STEVEN WILSON: ‘You Can’t Fight Terrorism’

Discussing “The Same Asylum as Before” track and his disdain towards politicians, Steven Wilson touched on the matter of terrorism, telling Face Culture(as transcribed by

“Unfortunately, the more paranoia you engender in the human race, the more people are desperate to believe that we have leaders – that we have people that know what’s going on, that can fight it.

“You can’t fight terrorism. You can’t fight someone that’s prepared to strap bombs to themselves, walk into a public area and blow themselves up.

“How do you fight against that? I don’t think you can.

“But you’ll see plenty of politicians on the television reassuring, telling us they’ve got situation under control.

“And time and time and time again I think the terrorists proved to us that there is no way we can fight against that really.

“So the more fear, the more paranoia, the more desperate we become to believe that there is some method and some control. And perhaps I’m cynical, I can’t see how it’s possible.”